Lyra Laser System

How does the Lyra from Laserscope differ from other lasers?

The Laserscope Lyra Nd:YAG laser produces a very long wavelength which is pulsed over long time intervals. This combination of the wavelength, long pulses and high energies makes the Lyra laser unique when compared with most other laser systems. The principal reason for this design was to produce a system that would be safe and effective on all skin types, including very dark and tanned patients. Before the Lyra became available, no other laser could be used on all skin types.

How long has it been around?

Lyra is one of the newest lasers available, representing a breakthrough in cosmetic treatment. Laserscope recently received the first FDA clearance for the treatment of all skin types with the Lyra. It has been in production since August of 1999.

Is it widely recognized?

Though Lyra is a very new laser, it has been well received among the renowned researchers in the dermatology and plastic surgery fields world wide. Lyra is being sold both domestically and internationally and is receiving enthusiastic notice. So far it has been cleared by the FDA for use in soft tissue, vascular lesions, veins and hair removal applications.

Under what circumstances would a physician use the Laserscope Lyra as opposed to other lasers?

If a physician is interested in performing laser leg vein removal, Lyra is the most suitable tool for the treatment of vessels up to 4mm in diameter. If a physician is treating skin type V, VI or tanned patients for either hair removal or leg veins, Lyra has been cleared for all skin types.

Who is a perfect candidate for laser surgery with the Laserscope Lyra?

For hair removal, patients with any skin color with brown or black hairs. For patients with leg veins, those with blue, red or purple vessels up to 4mm in diameter. Additionally, any skin type patients that have deep vascular malformations, such as hemangiomas or resistant PWS, are good candidates for Lyra.

What surgical procedures require the Laserscope Lyra?

Procedures performed on tanned or dark skin patients and procedures on blue, red and purple leg veins up to 4mm in size.

How does it work?

The laser light penetrates the skin keeping it intact until it reaches its target – either a hair (for hair removal) or a vessel (for leg vein removal). Once the laser energy reaches the target, it is immediately absorbed. At this point, the energy turns into heat and destroys the target without harming any surrounding tissue. It then takes a short while for the hair or vessel to dissipate into the body. The laser energy is delivered through a chilled window to protect the patient’s skin and provide comfort.

How many treatments will the patient need for complete hair removal?

Hair growth involves several cycles and, thus, some hairs may be affected during a single treatment and some may not. We have seen that after several treatments most terminal (mature) hairs are replaced with miniature hairs of lighter color. Some hairs are completely eliminated. Although absolute hair removal may not be achieved, however, because the density and color get so much lighter, the hairs become less visible and, thus, less bothersome. The number of treatments is completely dependent upon the individual. It may take anywhere between 3 and 8 treatments several weeks apart to achieve the desired effect. This is related to the patient’s age, hormonal balance, gender, area on the body, diet, and even the time of year.

How “permanent” is “permanent” following the course of epilation treatment?

Presently there are no lasers that guarantee permanent hair removal. However, the Lyra Laser has been FDA cleared for permanent hair reduction.

How many treatments will the patient need for complete leg vein removal?

It usually takes up to 2 treatments six weeks apart to seal the vessels. It may vary slightly based on the severity of the vessels. Once the vessels are sealed, they will dissipate in the body and never re-canalize. However, based on the individual, new leg veins may form.

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