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When Surgical Skills are Given as Gifts

New York plastic surgeon Douglas Monasebian, M.D. founded New York Heals to provide free treatment to victims of domestic violence by doing scar revisions, rhinoplasties, skin resurfacing and, when necessary, emergency facial procedures.

“I can’t erase the past, but I can help people face the future with great self-confidence,” says Dr. Monasebian who says he started New York Heals as a way to use his training and ability as an aesthetic plastic surgeon to help domestic violence victims heal, both physically and emotionally. He currently operates on 15 to 20 such victims yearly… read more

Voice of America Interview with Dr. Monasebian

Well, you made it through the grueling weight-loss surgery and exercise, you’ve been following the doctor’s orders (to everyone’s amazement), you and made it to target weight. For some of us, that’s the number we never thought we’d see again in our lifetime. But that’s a whole other story, and right now we’re just dealing with the physical aspects of massive weight loss. So having lost a huge amount of weight, if you are older than ten, you probably don’t have the elasticity in your skin that you used to. That means it’s not going to bounce back in place like a yo-yo … or the Yo-Yo Dieter that you used to be. Do you plan to exercise it off (yeah, right)?! Do you like being called Batwoman because of the bat wings on your upper arms? Saggy much? Does the extra skin on your thighs slap together so hard you sound like applause at a Lakers game every time you walk? Then maybe you would be a candidate for a body makeover or a little “Nip/Tuck?” Tune in and hear from expert Dr. Monasebian.






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Because of Dr. Monasebian’s reputation, we are seeing an increasing number of long distance and foreign patients. We have prepared resources that will help with travel and lodging arrangements so you can concentrate on your surgery.

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Park Avenue Plastic Surgery – Now Open For Elective Procedures!

Dr. Monasebian and Park Avenue Plastic Surgery hope you and your family are healthy and safe. These past several months have been trying times for all of us. We all want to take this opportunity to update you as to what we have been doing these past few months. Up until Monday June 8th we had been open seeing patients with emergent and urgent conditions. Governor Cuomo lifted the executive order and we are now permitted to see all patients including those for elective surgeries and procedures. For the safety of our patients, their family, and our staff, we have adopted all the guidelines issued by the CDC and our national, regional and local medical and Plastic Surgery Associations to make sure we are in strict accord with those guidelines.

We are currently up to date with all our PPE and are ready to evaluate and treat all our patients. Please rest assured that we are practicing strict social distancing guidelines and barrier protection has been added to our office. All patients, doctors and staff will be undergoing daily temperature checks in accord with the latest guidelines. Patients will be given questionnaires about their recent health as well. 

Our commitment to our patients has never waned and is our utmost priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we look forward to seeing you soon!