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Due to the diversity of ethnicities that Dr. Monasebian encounters in his Plastic Surgery practice there is no “one face suits all” solution for patients seeking facial enhancing surgery. Whether a person is seeking to change or enhance their eyes, face, nose or chin each patient must be individualized and there are no set norms. Each ethnic facial feature whether it is Asian, Hispanic, African American, Mediterranean or Caucasian must be individually diagnosed and treated. Each patient’s face is treated individually and with respect to his/her ethnicity. Occasionally, however, Dr. Monasebian encounters a patient wishing to modify an ethnic trait, such as an Asian American wishing to Occidentalize or westernize their eyelid shape. This type of “ethnic altering” surgery is common among Dr. Monasebian’s patients.

During the consultation, Dr. Monasebian will listen to the patient’s concerns and wants. His additional background and training in Maxillofacial Surgery enable him to accurately access the facial norms of different ethnicities and individualize them to each patient.

The nose and eyes are two of the most important facial features that exhibit racial character. “The final result from rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty must be in accord with the patient’s overall features or there will be disharmony,” states Dr. Monasebian. As with all his aesthetic surgeries, Dr. Monasebian customizes the surgical procedure to the individual needs and expectations of the patient. These are discussed thoroughly in length during the pre-operative consultation.

For additional information regarding ethnic cosmetic surgery or any other plastic surgical procedures, please call Park Avenue Plastic Surgery at 212-472-8700 to speak with Dr. Monasebian and schedule an appointment today.

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