Body Contouring after Pregnancy – The “Mommy Make-Over”

Mommy Make-Over

The effects of pregnancy and breast feeding can lead to irreversible changes in a woman’s body. Breasts tend to sag or droop due to massive changes in the size and weight of the breasts especially if breast feeding is performed. Abdomens become lax and fat may be redistributed in different areas. These changes tend to be permanent but there are options available to women to restore their bodies and give them back their youth and tone. Breast lifting, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction can all help in giving you a more youthful and toned body.

In most cases, the incisions for breast lifting are smaller and less conspicuous than in breast reduction. Usually skin and a modest amount of breast tissue is removed. If the breast has lost a substantial volume, then breast lifting can be safely combined with a breast augmentation. Dr. Monasebian performs both saline and silicone gel breast augmentation.

Abdominal recontouring involves a tummy tucking procedure and usually some liposuction. The extra skin and fat are trimmed away and the muscles that were stretched during pregnancy get tightened. If a C-section was performed, Dr. Monasebian can use the existing scar for the procedure and even revise it if it didn’t heal properly. In some cases where pregnancy has caused these changes, your health insurance may cover any medically necessary procedures.

All of these procedures may be safely performed in our JCAHO accredited office based surgical facility. For additional information regarding these body recontouring procedures following pregnancy, please call Park Avenue Plastic Surgery at (212)472-8700 and schedule your appointment with Dr. Monasebian today.

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