Labiaplasty – Is It Right For You?


Large labia cause women to experience discomfort and pain when wearing jeans or other tight clothing, exercising, and being intimate. Some women may naturally have enlarged labia, others may notice these changes after delivering a baby. Older women may notice their bodies changing after menopause and develop abnormally large, elongated or misshapen labias later on in life. Women with large labias may feel self conscious with their bodies and may be embarrassed to ask their gynecologists about their enlarged or irregular labia or loss of sexual satisfaction. In turn, most doctors are uncomfortable about asking their patients about these same issues and are not made aware that there are surgical options to solve their problems. Here at Park Avenue Plastic Surgery, Dr. Monasebian will speak with you openly and honestly about your most sensitive questions and concerns.


If you have large or uneven labia, labiaplasty may be the right plastic surgery procedure for you. The labia minora (the small inner lips of the vagina) is reshaped and reduced during labiaplasty. This is done to perfect the appearance of the vagina, which reduces discomfort and pain while enhancing sexual gratification. Not only is the appearance improved through labiaplasty, but for some women, function and sensation may be improved as well.


Candidates for labiaplasty surgery include women with enlarged inner and/or outer vaginal lips that cause pain or make them feel self-conscious. Fully developed young women and adult women who are in good health make the most appropriate candidates.


The labiaplasty surgery itself utilizes a trim technique, which simply removes excess tissue by cutting away or shortening the edges of the labia minora with specialized scissors or a scalpel. The appropriate incision location is personalized to each individual case, factoring the following characteristics: the configuration, texture and size of the labia. In general, this method is most useful when the goal of the procedure is to remove rough outer edges from the labia. Labiaplasty is performed on an outpatient basis and the procedure itself is fairly quick and painless as it is done under anesthesia and generally takes about an hour. Dr. Monasebian will then suture the incision sites with dissolvable stitches. You will return to the office in one week to make sure the area is healing well with no problems.


After surgery, you can’t have intercourse for one month. Your genitals will be tender and swollen during this time. It is normal to find slight bruising on your labia and the surrounding areas. Oral medications may be used to reduce pain, and antibiotics may be prescribed to reduce the risk of infection after your surgery. Ointments and ice are recommended to speed healing and reduce swelling. Heavy, strenuous exercise must be avoided for three or more weeks after surgery. Tampons should not be used in the 10 days after your surgery, but you will need to wear a pad for at least one week due to postsurgical bleeding. Final results can be expected 6 weeks following the procedure.


To learn more labiaplasty surgery, please call our office at (212)472-8700 to speak with Dr. Monasebian and schedule an appointment today.


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