Chin Surgery (Genioplasty) Patient Testimonial

I would highly recommend Dr. Monasebian to everybody!

My chin was prominent and pointy which was more apparent when I smiled so I decided to have chin reduction surgery. I did a diligent research about the procedure and plastic surgeons and I found out that it is not an easy procedure especially when it involves reducing horizontal projection of the chin. After reading about Dr. Monasebian expertise and reviews I decided to go for consultation. During the consultation Dr. Monasebian thoroughly explained the procedure, which is called sliding genioplasty (cutting and sliding back the chin bone). In addition, he suggested to reduce the chin bone in vertical length for optimal proportion to my face, contorting (burring down the chin) and soft tissue adjustment. I was very satisfied with the consultation which was a different experience compared to a prior consultation I had with a different surgeon. The previous doctor did not even want to perform sliding genioplastybecause as he said it is a complicated procedure, instead he suggested burring down the chin bone. The downside is, as I found out throughout my research, that this does not address the prominence of the chin.

I made my decision to go ahead with surgery with Dr. Monasebian. During a pre-op appointment he showed me the projected image of my chin. On the day of the surgery I was very relaxed as I knew I was in good hands. The surgery lasted almost two hours. I was able to see difference on my chin even after one-day post surgery even with the swelling. I was exceedingly pleased with the results on the days to follow as the swelling subsided, in fact my chin looks even better than the projected image that was shown to me.

I would highly recommend Dr. Monasebian to everybody for this procedure. He was thorough, precise and performed best results I could have possibly desired. I am in medical field myself so I would not write this review unless I absolutely believe in it. The reason why I am writing is to help other people with the same problem if faced with the dilemma to choose a plastic surgeon for chin reduction and get best results.

Chin Surgery (Genioplasty) Patient

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