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Scar Revision In NYC

Scar revision is performed to reduce the appearance of scars caused by injury or previous surgery. Scars are by definition permanent, but surgery can narrow, fade and otherwise reduce the appearance of severe or unattractive scarring, which is especially helpful in areas of cosmetic importance such as the face and hands. There are many surgical methods of scar revision, only some of which may be appropriate for a particular type of scar or its location. These include surgical excision, skin grafts, flap surgery and Z-plasty (repositioning a scar so that it aligns with the face and is less noticeable). The effectiveness of scar reduction depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the injury, your body’s healing mechanism, the size and depth of the wound, how much blood supplies the area and the thickness and color of your skin.

At Park Avenue Plastic Surgery, we have helped many patients improve the cosmetic appearance of their scars at our Manhattan office and we are confident we can do the same for you.

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When a friend fell on the sidewalk she called me for his number because she knew how happy we were with his work; she had sustained a tear through her lower lip. You cannot even see a scar there after he repaired it... ....I cannot recommend him more highly. He is the best surgeon, and has a lovely personality too. -NBL. 

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Cosmetic Revision Of Previous Surgery

Unfortunately one doesn’t achieve the desired result in Plastic Surgery. For whatever reason this occurs, the patient need not feel the result is permanent. Dr. Monasebian is often very able to revise and correct the results of previous surgery whether it was performed for a cosmetic or reconstructive reason. Very often minor revisions or non-surgical treatment may remarkably improve the result. Areas that can be enhanced from previous surgery include the face, breast and body.

Jaw Augmentation In Manhattan

Jaw augmentation can be performed with solid implants or fillers. During the surgical jaw augmentation, Dr. Monasebian will insert solid implants directly onto the facial bones. He prefers to place the implants through incisions inside the mouth so there is no visible scarring on the face. The cheek bones or chin can be augmented as well as the lower jaw if you feel you jawline is “weak” or not proportional to the rest of your face. Dr. Monasebian can also reduce the size of your cheeks, jaw or chin if you feel they are too large for your face or out of proportion.

These procedures are usually done under a twilight sleep or general anesthesia and patients go home the same day. The surgery takes a few hours and the results are very long lasting.

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