Pediatric Plastic Surgery & Emergencies

As we are very aware, accidents do happen in the pediatric population. What often adds to the anxiety and frustration of the parent is a long and stressful wait in the hospital emergency room. With Dr. Monasebian’s “Pedi-Stitch” program, we aim to alleviate that.

As a father himself, Dr. Monasebian clearly understands what parents go through. Your child will be seen emergently and worked into our schedule as soon as possible. Dr. Monasebian can also see your child at nights and weekends in any of the local, New York City emergency rooms that he covers. The same attention to detail afforded to his cosmetic patients is performed on your child to optimize the outcome.

Dr. Monasebian also performs pediatric surgery as a result of birth defects, trauma or cosmetic purposes and includes cleft lip and palate, craniosynostosis, ear and nose problems, birth marks, burns and other traumatic injuries and more. Surgeons can work with families from before birth and into adulthood. Dr. Monasebian is also a member of the American Association of Pediatric Plastic Surgeons.

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From Out-Of-Town? International?

Because of Dr. Monasebian’s reputation, we are seeing an increasing number of long distance and foreign patients. We have prepared resources that will help with travel and lodging arrangements so you can concentrate on your surgery.

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