I consulted Dr. Monasebian not due to a medical necessity but plain vanity. It is true that one of my doctor friends did mention that more than likely my end of day eyestrain was partially caused by my heavy upper eyelids. My eyes drooped and I looked just old and worn out. The fact is that my “bag eyes” also reminded me of my father and grandmother and I thought I looked tired all the time. I did consult a doctor in my region, but it seems that eye procedures were just another operation he performed. I wanted someone that was more specialized and experienced. I don’t believe in advertising claims, photo books of specific patients, or self promoted articles in limited edition magazines. What I wanted was a doctor that was recommended by someone in the medical community that had used the doctor. My favorite source of recommendations is nurses as I have found them blunt and opinionated- and have no conflicts of interest brought on by patient referrals. The recommendation was two (2) procedures; Forehead or Browlift lift and Eyelid Blepharoplasty. In order to fix my eyes it was necessary to work on the upper and lower lids. The operations went smoothly and within a few days the stiches were removed from my brow. There was minimal bruising or swelling and within a week I was able to get out and hide most of the effects behind glasses. Within six weeks all the bruising was gone and when I returned home- not one person noticed a change. The only comments were that I looked good or “had a good nights sleep”. That was the desired effect that Dr. Monasebian mentioned in the initial interview. Along with the bag eyes I had a tree stump neck. Ok- it was not the “no neck” sort, but a total failure of definition of jaw line. The solution was neck liposuction and it was much less painful and the final result was a more clear definition of my jawline. The swelling was minimal but it was two months for one area to finally become flat. I followed the pre and post surgery instructions and took only 1 of the pain pills. The only suggestion I would make is to get a larger gel pad to ice your eyes. I found one that covered both eyes and most of my brow at one time. For the first few days the rotation of cold on and off your face seems to make the difference. The last question might be “ Would I do it again?” The answer is yes.

Glenn L.

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