I was originally referred to Dr. Monasebian through my orthodontist for a chin augmentation back in 2008. When I went for my consultation, I was extremely nervous of course, but Dr. Monasebian and his staff was very attentive and understanding, being this was my first time having any type of major surgery. He answered all of my questions and even made himself available after hours and via email. I think I was the most nervous about not really understanding all of the “medical lingo” that I’d experienced with other consults and that I would be pressured to just “have the procedure”. Dr. Monasebian did not pressure me at all…quite the opposite, he gave me reading material and directed me to places where I could continue my own research to make myself feel comfortable about the life-changing decision that I was getting ready to make. On the day of surgery, I was a wreck and SO nervous, but his staff made me feel comfort, and even when I requested they call my sister the second I finished and was in recovery, they obliged. The results of my surgery were amazing and in the weeks of my follow-up, my chin looked better and better.

Years later, when I made the decision to have a BA and Lipo, I didn’t even do any research, because I knew I only wanted to deal with Dr. Monasebian. I received the exact same level of professionalism and reassurance that I needed, and to this day, I am absolutely thrilled with the results. Dr. Monasebian is a fantastic plastic surgeon and I would highly recommend him for the procedures that I have had. He is knowledgeable in his field and brings humanity into the conversation that he has with his patients. He’s professional, upfront, and above all honest, which I extremely valued in my search for a plastic surgeon. I will be visiting Dr. Monasebian again and would encourage if you are in the NYC area and seeking a PS, to visit his office for a consult.

Zennah J.

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