Ozempic Face

If you haven’t heard of “Ozempic for Weight Loss” you may be living under a rock, or walking through Grand Central with blinders on.

Ozempic is FDA approved medication for Type 2 diabetes. In recent months, popularity has grown around this medication for other reasons. Studies have proven the affect Ozempic has on weight loss and has rapidly been prescribed to patients to do just that. Though proven, manufacturers of Ozempic have made the statement, “we do not promote, suggest or encourage off-label use of our medicines,” when referring to Ozempic for weight loss.

We understand Ozempic is being used for weight loss but what is Ozempic Face?

Ozempic face refers to the facial changes that patients who’ve lost a significant amount of weight sometimes experience: primarily a loss of facial fat that can leave the face sagging and looking older. It’s especially common in middle-aged and older patients.

This loss of facial fat causes a gaunt look, contributing to wrinkles and sagging skin around the midface.

Can Ozempic Face be Treated?

Short answer, yes.

Fillers can be added to the midface to restore volume.

Another option is Fat Grafting or “fat injections.”

The severity of an individuals case of Ozempic face can better decipher which option would offer the best results.

If you are someone who has used Ozempic for weight loss and are now concerned about Ozempic face, schedule a consultation with Dr. Monasebian to see if Dermal Fillers or Fat Injections are right for you!

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