The Iridex Revolution

Vascular Lesions

iridex gallery case resultThe Iridex Laser’s wavelength and adjustable settings make it highly effective in targeting blood vessels associated with vascular lesions. Whether dealing with spider veins, hemangiomas, or port wine stains, the laser’s precision allows for selective photothermolysis, where the targeted blood vessels absorb the laser energy and are subsequently coagulated and eliminated. This results in a significant reduction or complete removal of vascular lesions, with minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

Pigmented Lesions

In addressing pigmented lesions such as age spots, freckles, and certain types of birthmarks, the Iridex Laser’s capabilities shine. Through the process of selective photothermolysis, the laser targets the melanin in the pigmented cells. The absorbed energy breaks down the pigmentation, prompting the body’s natural processes to gradually eliminate the treated lesions. The precision of the Iridex Laser ensures that surrounding skin is spared, minimizing the risk of scarring or discoloration.

Advantages of Iridex Laser in Aesthetics

Precision and Control
The Iridex Laser allows practitioners to precisely control the energy delivered, ensuring that only the targeted lesions are affected. This precision is crucial in dermatological procedures to minimize damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Minimally Invasive
The non-invasive nature of the laser treatments using Iridex makes it a preferred choice for patients seeking a less disruptive approach to lesion removal. This often translates to quicker recovery times and reduced discomfort.

The Iridex Laser’s adaptability to different lesion types, sizes, and depths provides Dr. Monasebian with a versatile tool for addressing a wide range of skin conditions. This flexibility is valuable in a clinical setting where various lesions may require targeted treatment.

The Iridex Laser’s capabilities in removing vascular and pigmented lesions showcase its effectiveness in cosmetics and aesthetics. The precision, minimal invasiveness, and versatility of this laser system contribute to its standing as one of many of Dr. Monasebian’s tools to offer patients effective solutions with enhanced comfort and safety.

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