As we age, our skin becomes lax, and the lips are no exception. In today’s society, full lips are associated with a youthful and more attractive appearance. It’s no wonder that lip lift surgery is most popular in middle-aged women.
Facelift surgery alone will not change the appearance of the lips. It has little to no effect on the skin around the lips. Patients will usually try lip injections and fillers before undergoing surgery. However, if you are unsatisfied with the results or temporary nature of injections and fillers, lip lift surgery may be right for you.


Lip Lift Surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed under general or local anesthesia to modify the appearance of the lips. Lip Lift Surgery is performed by Dr. Douglas Monasebian at Park Avenue Plastic Surgery. Typically, an incision is made in the crease at the bottom of the nose and skin is removed or repositioned to lift the upper lip, creating a more pouty and plump appearance. No muscles or nerves are cut in the procedure, so there is no risk of loss of sensation. The surgery, as a standalone procedure, usually takes 40 minutes to one hour to complete.


Following the procedure, there will be pain and swelling for the first few days. Every person is different, so the degree of pain and swelling will vary with depending on the patient. Most patients are back to their normal routine within seven to 10 days. It will take approximately two to three weeks for the incision to heal completely. The scar that will remain is very minimal and hidden well in the crease of the nose. During this time follow up appointments are scheduled with Dr. Monasebian at our Upper East Side, NYC Plastic Surgery office.


  • Fuller lips
  • Lift corners of the mouth
  • Improves shape and length of lips
  • More prominent lip line
  • Improve smile and show off the teeth
  • Reduce fine lines on upper lip
  • Permanent enhancement
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence

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