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Post Summer Skin Care Tips

It’s normal for our skin to need some serious TLC after a summer of sun, surf, and sand. Not only do we get a little more Vitamin D than usual, but our psyche is giving into temptations like alcohol consumption and poor eating habits. Though it makes for great memories and better stories, whats happening within our body can appear on the outside of our body. More specifically, our skin.

We all tend to deal with sun-damage, dry skin, chapped lips and clogged pores by the end of the summer. Though technically, “end of summer” is far past mid-September, a lot of us throw in the towel after Labor Day. With that being said, now is a great time to start thinking about your post summer skincare. After months of sun indulgence, it’s time to send your skin to rehab!

Step 1

Detox your body the old fashion way! Through healthy eating and plenty of water consumption you can begin to erase the signs of summer

Step 2

Exfoliating Body Scrubs help reset the skin after the long summer season. Removing dead skin cells from not only your face but your entire body will allow the skin to absorb more moisture and maintain its hydration longer. Using exfoliants that feature Glycolic Acid will help address UV damage and promote cell turnover!

Step 3

Clogged pores are only natural after long hot days filled with sweating and sunscreen. Double Cleansing has never been needed more! Purchasing a good cleanser or mask to help draw out impurities and minimize the appearance of pores will help bounce your skin back to its pre-summer glow.

Step 4

Skin texture and tone tend to be impacted the most following summer fun. This is due to UV rays damaging our skin and pulling melanin to our skins surface resulting in dark spots and freckles. To help counteract the appearance of sun damage, apply a good Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C will help improve texture and tone, while leaving your skin hydrated and smooth!

Step 5

Summer may be on its way out but SPF is all year round! When trying to correct the damages of summer sun, we tend to leave our skin sensitive and in need of protection from further sun exposure. Luckily large brim hats are a fabulous Fall fashion trend too!

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